Seven Ways To Repurpose Your Content As A Wedding Business

November 21, 2022

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Are you a wedding professional struggling with producing new content at the end of the year or around the holiday season? Don’t fret! We all hit the creative slump! That is why I am here to share with you seven creative ways to repurpose your content so that you can get back to doing the things you love and spend more time with your family!

Let’s Get Repurposing!

First thing first, decide what content you want to repurpose. Whether it’s an old piece of social media content that did well or a new blog post you are writing. It is best to strategically choose your content so that it is in alignment with your content pillars. I personally find it easiest to start with a middle to long form of copy (i.e. blogs, newsletters, podcasts, etc.) and break it down into short-form copy (i.e. social media posts, Pinterest pins, etc.).

Once you have the content chosen, we will use this as the meat and bones of the repurposing process. You will then adjust the copy length, call to actions and any graphics or images so that they are best suited for each new marketing tool.

Let’s Break It Down

As a reference, I will walk you through the process I used to repurpose this blog post about Why You Should Be Blogging As A Wedding Professional. 

After writing the blog post, I broke my content down into the areas I wanted to repurpose it. For this blog post, I repurposed it in six ways.

Social media graphic for repurposing content

Initially, when publishing the blog, I also shared an announcement about the blog topic on my Instagram stories. This is an easy and great way to repurpose the content for your audience and showcase it to your loyal followers first. 

Next, I shared an Instagram Reel where I chose a few key areas of this blog topic that I wanted to highlight. In this case, it was the top four reasons why a wedding professional should be blogging, and I shared them in a Reel; check it out here!

Wedding Marketing Agency Instagram post

Later, I turned the blog post into a carousel post on Instagram, which you can view here. I gave my audience a very high-level glance at the blog topic as a whole and displayed it in a graphic.

As part of the monthly Details By Dallas newsletter, I shared a glimpse of this topic with my audience. I also gave them the opportunity to read the original piece of content by linking to the blog in my newsletter. Be sure to join the DxD newsletter here to see how I repurpose this blog into additional content!

Pinterest Graphic for blog post

Lastly, I shared this blog with my Pinterest audience by promoting it through a Pinterest pin and a Pinterest Idea pin. Be sure to check out the Details By Dallas Pinterest profile and follow along for more digital marketing tips for wedding professionals!

Seven Ways To Repurpose Your Content

  1. Static post
  2. Reel
  3. IG Story
  4. Blog
  5. Pinterest Pin
  6. Pinterest Idea Pin
  7. Newsletter

One of the most important things to remember when repurposing your content is that every viewer will absorb your content differently. For example, those who follow you on Instagram may not be part of your newsletter, and those who follow you on Pinterest may not follow you on social media. So, there is no need to worry about sounding repetitive.

Take this with a grain of salt and by no means feel that you need to repurpose a piece of content seven ways every time. I hope you use this as a guide to help you create and schedule your repurposed content and find that this will help you save some time!

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