Why You Should Be Blogging As A Wedding Professional

January 31, 2022

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Are you blogging as a wedding professional? If the answer is no, you may be missing out on reaching your ideal clients. There are a TON of benefits to blogging for your small business especially for your wedding business. Below I share how your wedding business can benefit by incorporating blogging into your long-term marketing strategy.

So, what are the benefits of blogging as a wedding professional?

Blogging Will Help With Your SEO

By incorporating strategically researched keywords into your blog you are generating fresh content for Google. Google likes to showcase fresh content that appears relevant to users’ searches. So, by using the terms that your ideal clients are searching for, aka keywords, you are more likely to show up in the search results and improve your search engine ranking. Thus blogging drives traffic to your website.

Blogging Is A Core Pillar To Your Content Marketing

With blogging, you’re creating medium to long-form copy that is loaded with juicy information. This copy can easily be broken down into smaller pieces of content and shared across multiple different channels.

I suggest taking the main topic of your blog, whether it is a real wedding or educational topic and making that focus of your content for the weeks following your blog. Break your blog content down into smaller content that is appropriate for social media by focusing on different areas within the blog. Be sure to utilize different types of content and social media channels to get the most out of your blog. A blog can easily be broken down into several static posts, carousel posts, reels and stories.

Blogging Is An Excellent Way To Showcase Your Portfolio

Think of your website as your digital portfolio. A blog allows your ideal clients to see the work you’ve done in detail. Rather than just having a portfolio section on your website where you showcase photos it is important to also have a separate blog section. By showcasing your weddings in your blog you are able to build a deeper connection with your audience and share the story of the wedding and couple. When highlighting your recent work in your blog you are also providing your ideal clients with samples of recent work that show what you are capable of as well as your style.

Blogging Helps You Show Up As An Industry Expert

If you are wanting to showcase your knowledge to help build the like, know and trust factor of your audience then blogging is ideal for you! Not only can share a wide variety of topics with your blog, but it is a great resource to share your personality through the tone of your copy. Sure you can educate your audience through social media, but at a certain point, you will have more to say than is allowed. This is where the longer form of blog copy comes in handy. 

By blogging on your website you can easily incorporate backlinks to other areas on your website or external resources. Thus easily directing your audience to the actions you wish them to take. Maybe it’s booking a consultation call, or downloading your free wedding planning checklist. These are all actions that will help you collect more leads.

Blogging Is Great For Your Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine and search engines need keywords for your content to thrive. By incorporating strategically research keywords into your blog content you are not only creating fresh content for Google but Pinterest as well. When you share your blog content on Pinterest with those strategic keywords it keeps you relevant for what your ideal target audience is searching for. Thus you are more likely to gain more clicks to your website which hopefully results in more leads.

Blogging Helps Build Vendor Relationships

Whether you are a new wedding professional or a seasoned pro you know the importance of your vendor community. It takes a village to pull off an event so why not support your fellow vendors along the way. 

By linking to the vendor’s website you are providing Google and the vendor’s website with backlinks. Backlinks are great for SEO as they show Google that the source you are linking to is a trusted source. They also help with your vendor’s SEO. These vendors are just as eager to share their work as you are so by connecting vendors with their work through your blogs you are also encouraging them to share your blog. Thus, free advertising for your business!

As much as we all love social media there is something to say about showcasing your work and knowledge through your blog as a wedding professional. Not only do you own your website (you don’t own your social) and have the ability to protect your content, you have the complete creative freedom of what you want to say and how you want to say it when blogging.

So, the next time you wonder if you should be blogging as a wedding professional, think back on these key points. You can also take a look at this blog to learn more about the difference between social media marketing and blogging as a wedding professional.

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