The Difference Between Blogging & Social Media Marketing

January 12, 2022

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blogging vs social media marketing

As a wedding professional, you may be relying heavily on your social media presence for marketing. What if I were to tell you that social media is not the be all end all for marketing your business? Sure social media marketing has its advantages for wedding vendors however there are some downfalls of putting all of your eggs in one basket. That’s why I want to walk you through the major differences between social media marketing and wedding blogs for marketing. 


  • Long term strategy
  • Evergreen- keeps working for you months & years after you post
  • Generates fresh content for Google
  • Helps purple stay on your website longer
  • Typically longer format content
  • A great way to show authority on specific topics
  • SEO friendly

Social Media

  • Short term strategy
  • Short shield life & less effective after 24 hours ( unless you are using reels)
  • Engagement driven
  • Typically shorter format summarized content
  • A great way to showcase your work to potential clients
  • A great way to build community with those in your industry
  • Hashtag friendly


Blogging vs social media marketing

Now that you have a good understanding of the difference between the two it is also important to take marketing strategy into consideration.

Blogging can be a great core principle of your marketing strategy for your business as a wedding or event professional. The pairing of these two marketing methods not only helps with having a consistent brand voice across your different channels, but allows for content to be easily repurposed. I recommend starting with a blog or long-form post in your marketing strategy that can be broken down and re-purposed across other platforms. You should be able to easily repurpose this content and incorporate it into your social media plan. A business can generate several static posts, carousels and reels with just one piece of blog content.

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The difference between blogging & social media

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