The Power of Task Batching For Your Business

April 20, 2022

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As much as we all think we can multitask, the truth is we can’t. Our brains are incapable of performing two tasks simultaneously with equal effort. As a result, multitasking can hinder productivity by as much as 40% and increases stress and decreases the quality of work. So, what’s the solution to this decrease in productivity? Task batching your work!

What is task batching?

Also known as time batching or just batching, task batching is the act of grouping similar or related tasks together for a designated period of time. By doing this technique, you can yield higher quality results in a shorter amount of time.

As wedding professionals, we all think we are master multitaskers. The truth is, you are already task batching and didn’t even know it! When creating a wedding timeline, painting a client’s wedding invitation suite or even building that beautiful bridal bouquet, you have allotted time to do those specific tasks. Yes, there is no question that it is easier to task batch when it is a task in your zone of genius; that’s why I want to share with you some ways you can implement task batching into your wedding business.

How to implement task batching into your routine?

1. Write Your To-Do List In Advance

First, allow a small block of time at the beginning and end of your day to write out your to-do list. It is hard to stay concentrated and feel accomplished when you don’t know what tasks to start and what you’ve done with your day.

2. Start With Priority Tasks

Next, you will want to start with the most important tasks. If you have meetings with clients or a deadline coming up, those tasks are at the top of your to-do list. When you get these priority items done first, they free up the opportunity for creativity and flexibility in your day. I recommend scheduling the most important tasks at the times you are the most productive. For example, if you are not a morning person, don’t schedule calls in the morning. This will allow you to focus on lower priority tasks when your productivity levels are low. Thus the consequence of not completing this work is less severe. 

3. Put Time Aside For Each Task

A great way to stay on track with task batching is to allocate your task an allotted amount of time, especially for tasks that can easily drag on. For example, limit time spent on calls by implementing a start and end time. When putting this time aside for specific tasks, be sure to add it to your calendar so that nothing can distract you from this task.

4. Reduce Distractions

One of the biggest challenges when task batching is managing distractions. Be sure to limit any unnecessary distractions by planning ahead. Set your kids up in front of a movie with a snack, turn your notifications off on your phone or put your noise-cancelling headphones on. By predicting these distractions in advance, you will be less likely to use them as an excuse to finish your work.

5. Allow For Down Time

Lastly, I believe this is the most crucial part of task batching. DO NOT try to do it all! Be sure to schedule breaks in your day. Your brain needs the opportunity to re-group and re-focus, so schedule meal breaks, walks and even self-care time into your day. Without this time to unwind and relax, you will be more likely to reach burnout and less creative.


Remember, the reason we want to time batch and task batch is not necessarily so we can add more to our to-do list. Your top priority should be to reduce burnout while continuing to show up for your clients and provide high-quality work. Now n days, we are so susceptible to burnout, especially in the wedding industry. That’s why I believe it is essential to do everything to maintain a healthy work/ life balance. Be sure to check out my recent blog on how a project management tool can help you as a wedding pro. By implementing task batching and a project management tool, you can help increase productivity while keeping your business organized.

The power of task batching for wedding businesses

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