The Do’s & Dont’s Of Social Media Marketing For The Wedding Industry

May 4, 2022

Social Media Tips

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Like most wedding professionals, Instagram is probably your top channel for marketing. That’s why it’s KEY to have a good understanding of what to do and what to avoid when it comes to social media marketing in the wedding industry.

As a fellow wedding planner myself, I want to share with you some good habits to develop and some bad habits to break with your social media marketing in the wedding industry.

Good & Bad Habits For Social Media Marketing For The Wedding Industry

Good Social Media Marketing Habits

Be Consistent

Just because you read somewhere that you should be posting 7 days a week across 3 to 4 different social media channels DOES NOT mean this is the right social media marketing strategy for you and your business.

I recommend sitting down and determining what a feasible and realistic posting schedule is for you. For example, do you have tons of backlogged weddings you want to share? Or are you wanting to prioritize more time for family? I recommend posting somewhere between 3-5 posts per week while showing up and engaging with your audience in different ways on the other days.

Once you know how often you want to post, stick to it! Yes, you should set a schedule. Because inconsistently posting or posting in random clusters will not help build your audience’s trust.

Batch Content

Have you ever wondered how social media managers survive in the social media marketing world? It’s this magical little thing we like to call batching! Check out my blog on task batching from last month! 

By putting aside time regularly to work on your content, you can work more efficiently and will develop better quality content. I recommend scheduling a few hours in your week to sit down and work on the content you want to put out for that week and the coming weeks. If you leave the content creation to the last minute and create your posts live, you run the risk of rambling or sharing content that is not in line with your content pillars.

Be Authentic 

Nobody likes fake people. That’s why being authentically you and sticking true to who you are as a business will do you wonders.

I recommend sticking to your content pillars and why you started your business as much as possible. If following trends and dancing in videos isn’t your thing, don’t force it. When forced, it will not come off as authentic.

Part of having an authentic social media marketing plan is to include aspects that will help your audience connect with you. Even though I know it can be tricky to show your face and the personality of your business, try your best whenever possible. Whether you introduce yourself every few months, show behind the scenes or highlight your team members. Give your audience that human factor they can connect with and build a relationship with.


Have a Brand Identity

Would your audience recognize your content as your own if they saw it from a distance? Would they be able to say, “that is definitely from Sophie’s account”? If not, it may be time to look at your branding.

I don’t necessarily mean going all the way and hiring a brand designer. However, this is INCREDIBLY helpful when developing your brand identity if all you have is a logo.

Having a clear understanding of your brand identity is essential for social media marketing. By using consistent colours, fonts and logos, your content will be easily recognizable to your brand. These factors, along with your brand voice, will allow your ideal target audience to associate work with your brand. Thus strengthening the like, know, trust factor.

Not sure which hashtags you should use?

social media hashtags for wedding professionalsGet my FREE hashtag guide for wedding & event professionals. Jam packed with social media marketing tips and 100+ hashtags you can start using today!

Bad Social Media Marketing Habits

Being Generic

You were born to stand out, so stop trying to blend in and be generic. When marketing your business, you want to be more than just a ‘basic bitch’ or trend chaser. So, let your brand identity and personality stand out. You can do this by avoiding generic hashtags or captioning your photos with one-liners. Sure, everyone likes to look at a pretty picture on your Instagram account, but they wouldn’t give you a 2,200 caption limit if they didn’t want you to use it. So speak your mind, share a story or sell a service! No matter what you do, try to include a call to action in almost every post.

Three easy call to action ideas to try. 

1) Share this post with your best friends!
2) Comment below which you like better!
3) Swipe to see the transformation!

Stressing About The Small Stuff

It is easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, especially when it comes to social media marketing. Try not to worry about the algorithm, what’s trending, how you look in a photo or how you sound in a video. These factors play a minuscule part in your overall strategy and are not worth wasting your time or stressing about.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to pay attention to the trends and use them to your advantage if you have the bandwidth. But don’t worry about changing your strategy every time a new trend comes out. Stick to what you do best and be consistent.

Forgetting About Your Audience

After all, you spend valuable time on your social media marketing to talk to someone, and I assume it’s not your mother. So, be sure to speak to your audience!

Share content that your ideal audience would want to see, write in a tone that attracts them and DO NOT FORGET to engage with them! 

If you were at a networking event and someone commented on your outfit, you wouldn’t ignore them, would you? Now, imagine that in the virtual world. How does your audience feel when they interact with your posts only to get silence in return.

An easy way to steer clear of ghosting your audience is to avoid spreading yourself too thin. Be present on only the social media channels that your ideal clients are on, and don’t ask for more than you can give in return. For example, don’t encourage your audience to message you in your DMs if you only check them once a week.

Now that you know the top social media do’s and don’ts, you will be a rockstar with your own social media marketing strategy in the wedding industry! Need a little extra help and want to receive caption prompts for your social media account? Each month in the DxD newsletter, I share prompt ideas for wedding professionals. Sign up for the newsletter here to get next month’s prompts!

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