How To Take Time Off Social Media During The Holidays

November 10, 2021

Social Media Tips

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 You’re here because you wanna take time off social media during the holidays (I don’t blame you!). So how do you go about doing that as an entrepreneur without your business suffering?

I’m here to explain to you some simple steps you can take with your social media marketing so you can relax for the holidays. 

Decide On Your Commitment Level

Before you get started I recommend deciding how involved you’d like to be on social media during the holidays. Decide if you want to continue to do your weekly Q&A lives, or are okay posting live posts such as reels, videos and carousel. Or maybe you just want to post static posts and peace out with a tall glass of eggnog in your hands. No judgement, we all have our own different levels of what is realistic. 

With that being said, there is no shame in reducing your posting schedule over the holiday season. No matter what, the most important thing is consistency. Be consistent in showing up for your audience and do not ghost them. If you were to stop posting completely and go cold turkey you might scare away potential clients. By ignoring social media you are affecting your client experience and are creating doubt for your audience. Your ideal clients might be confused if your business still exists and is operating (especially during covid with many businesses closing down). So sit down and decide what is realistic for you. If posting only twice a week with static posts is realistic then commit to it!

Grab Yourself A Social Media Scheduler

For starters, if you are not already using a social media scheduling tool. It’s time to get one! One of my favourites is Planoly. By using a social media scheduler you can draft and schedule your posts in advance so that you are not posting live. Different social media schedulers offer different benefits, but overall they are all the same. They are a third-party approved platform to schedule your posts in advance. With them being a third-party platform they of course come with some limitations. So do your research before signing up for one.

Not sure which hashtags you should use?

social media hashtags for wedding professionalsGet my FREE hashtag guide for wedding & event professionals. Jam packed with social media marketing tips and 100+ hashtags you can start using today!


Repurpose Old Content

Next, I recommend looking at your old content that has done well in the past and repurposing as much as possible. To do this, look at your analytics to see which posts get the best engagement, have been saved the most or shared the most. Use this to decide which topics you want to repurpose. 

If you have old blog posts that you haven’t shared on social media yet, now is a great time! Turn that blog post into different reels, carousels, static posts and even videos. I recommend breaking down a portion of the original post into individual posts using different posting methods. Depending on the plan you have with your social media scheduler some items can be scheduled in advance. while others may require you to live post it (this means you are logging into Instagram and posting at the time you wish the post to be published).

Batch In Advance

Now that you have your social media scheduler batching your content in advance will feel like a breeze! 

If you need to create any content I recommend doing this before you batch it. For example, if you need to film and reels or make any graphics. Separately batch these more labour-intensive tasks. This will make your content batching day 10,000 times easier.

Just plug your videos, graphics and images into your scheduler, write your caption, add your hashtags and you are good to go!

Depending on the plan you have with your scheduler, I recommend adding tags and adding geotags to these posts when applicable as well.

Don’t Forget Your Values & Pillars

Now it may be tempting to share loads of personal stuff with your followers over the holidays. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this as long as it’s a core value and content pillar of yours. If sharing personal content doesn’t make sense to your brand voice then I recommend holding off on posting these topics. 

If it is in your brand voice and you want to keep your audience engaged over the holidays there is no harm in sharing personal stories in Instagram stories or the odd post on your feed. Just remember your followers are committed to you for a reason. If you are a wedding florist, they might not care about your holiday shopping or when your in-laws are over. 

Be Kind & Set Realistic Goals

No matter what you decide to do over the holidays be sure to be kind to yourself. Don’t compare yourself to what others may be doing and don’t set unrealistic expectations. The holidays are a time to relax, unwind and lower your expectations.

If you are want to enjoy your holiday season and are confused about how to batch your content, I’m here to help with that! My Instagram VIP Days are the PERFECT way for wedding and event professionals to unwind and relax over the holidays while not stressing about their social media marketing.  During your Instagram VIP Day, I will create two months worth of content done for you in a day. Reach out to reserve your VIP day today! Spots are limited so you won’t want to miss out!

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