How To Kick Start Your Pinterest After Some Time Away

October 27, 2021

Pinterest Tips

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As a wedding professional, it’s hard to ignore the value of Pinterest! Whether you are a wedding planner, wedding photographer or even a florist your couples are coming to you with their wedding planning boards on Pinterest. They show you a design or idea they like and want you to bring that vision to life. Now imagine if that photo they were showing you, was actually one of yours from your Pinterest account or website!

I want to help you make this possible even if you’ve been ignoring your Pinterest account for years! First thing first, you will need a Pinterest business account. If you have one of these great, then you are ready to clean up your Pinterest account!

If you have a personal account that you’ve been using as a business account now is the time to make the leap of faith to a business account! Just follow these instructions on how to make that change.  With a business account, there are features that a personal account does not get, such as pin analytics.

1.) Determine Your Keywords

Before you get started with using Pinterest as a long-term marketing strategy, it is important to determine your keywords. Without strategically researched keywords you will have a hard time attracting your ideal target audience. 

Check out this video here on how to find your keywords on Pinterest!  

When doing your keyword research I recommend collecting your top ten keywords that you will be using, as well as having a list of secondary keywords that apply to your audience.

For example, if you are a luxury Banff wedding planner some of your primary keywords might include: Banff wedding planner, Rocky Mountain wedding planner or Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding. While your secondary keywords could include: mountain wedding, castle wedding, luxury ballroom wedding.

2.) Give Your Profile A Facelift

First thing first, I recommend ensuring you’ve claimed your website. This comes with a number of benefits including the ability to track pins that are coming from your website, it will also help direct your audience towards your website. Follow these steps here to claim your website. 

Next, it is important to update your profile photo and header. I do not recommend having your profile picture as your logo because users are coming to your account to learn from you and be inspired. They want to see who the face is behind the business and not just your logo. Pick a professional headshot or action photo as your profile picture. If you do not have one of these then I recommend choosing a high-quality professional photo from your portfolio. Maybe a favourite ballroom wedding or centrepiece if you are a florist.

Lastly, upgrade your header photo. Gone are the times that having the collage photo was cool. 

Use your header photo to showcase your work. Maybe include a high-quality photo from your portfolio, or choose this photo and add a text overlay with your logo and a call to action. If you have a showreel or video footage of your work this is the PERFECT place to include this. Video is great for catching your audience’s attention so why not stand out amongst the crowd!

3.) Review Old Boards

Take some time to review the boards you have on your account. I recommend removing any old boards that are off-brand or may be confusing to users. 

Since this is a business account there is no reason to have a board with ideas for childhood crafts or home reno ideas (unless that’s what you are in business for). Be sure that your boards make sense to your users. For example, if you were the previously mentioned luxury Banff wedding planner some good board titles for you might be: Rocky Mountain elopements, Fairmont Banff Springs Weddings or Mountain Weddings.

If you have too many boards you run the risk of confusing your audience and losing their attention. When starting off I recommend having 10 boards that are focused on the topics that you create the most content for. As your strategy grows it is okay to create more boards as they seem relevant to your business and content pillars. Avoid having 50+ boards with cutesy names or multiple boards with similar names.

4.) Put Those Keywords Into Action

Now, it’s time to go back to that keyword research you did before beginning your Pinterest account clean-up. These keywords will be like gold to you if used correctly.

In your profile, add keywords to your bio name and about section. It is important to make sure the keywords flow naturally and are your most relevant keywords. For example, the luxury Banff wedding planner would not be using wedding decoration or centrepiece ideas in this area. They would be using words with Banff, luxury, wedding planner or even Rocky Mountains in them.

Next, you will want to ensure your boards are optimized with these keywords. Your board titles should include keywords and be straight to the point. If users are looking for bridal bouquet ideas don’t confuse them by tilting the board wedding inspiration. Also, be sure that whatever the title of the board truly reflects the type of content inside. This is where your board description is important. Use a mixture of primary and secondary keywords to describe what users can expect from that board. Be sure not to keyword stuff in this area.

Lastly, it is time to optimize your pins. Include keywords in your pin titles and pin descriptions. Use catchy and honest titles that will encourage users to click and save your image for future inspiration. Being honest here is important, you do not want to lead a user on by promising 5 white bridal bouquet ideas for summer weddings for them to be directed to your portfolio page. This is where you will lose users. Also, be sure to AVOID clickbait titles as these won’t get you anywhere. Inside your pin description take advantage of the 500 character limit. Incorporate keywords naturally into your description and explain to users what they will get out of this pin and include a call to action.


Get Started With Your Pinterest Profile Clean Up Today!

Now you have a solid plan to kick start your Pinterest account after some time away! If all of this seems a little too daunting for you no worries! DxD offers Pinterest audits where we can sweat this stuff for you! Reach out to learn more if a Pinterest audit is right for you!

Pinterest Tips for Wedding Professionals

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