Three Reasons Wedding Professionals Should Be On Pinterest

October 13, 2021

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Pinterest for wedding professionals

As a wedding professional, it’s important to think about not only your short-term marketing but also your long-term marketing plan. Sure you may have leads coming in right now but what are you doing for your business to ensure you will be discovered in six months,  one year, or two years from now? I want to share with you my top three reasons why you should be using Pinterest as a wedding professional. And when I say using Pinterest I mean more than creating mood boards or design boards for your clients.  I mean strategically thinking about how you can use Pinterest for your long-term marketing.

Three Reasons Wedding Professionals Should Be On Pinterest

  1. ) Your Audience Is Already on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most common resources used for wedding planning. With over 60% of Pinterest users being female it’s no wonder it’s so popular for wedding planning.

Long gone are the days of saving magazine clippings and creating a dream wedding binder. Why go through all that work when you can simply search for specific topics and pin away. Within minutes engaged couples can start planning their dream wedding and discover your business through Pinterest.

Most likely your ideal client is already on Pinterest. They may be dreaming of their next home renovation or searching for recipes. Once they discover how easy it is to design their wedding on Pinterest it will be a matter of time before they start discovering local vendors as well. So, why not have your ideal client pin your items and not your competitors (or someone from a different city)

2) Pinterest Is A Search Engine

Unlike the most common social media platforms Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, Pinterest is not a social media platform meant for connecting and engaging. Pinterest is a visual search engine designed to inspire and guide users to ideas that are just right for them. With the help of strategically researched and used keywords, it can drive traffic back to your website and help new clients discover your business. 

Pinterest for wedding professionals is so much more than just creating your dream wedding board and sharing it with you planner or vendors. Pinterest can help wedding professionals showcase their work to their ideal clients who are searching for specific items or locations. 

3.) Pinterest Loves Evergreen Content.

Let’s be honest, you don’t know how to plan a wedding if you’ve never done it before. You might not know what wedding venues exist in your city or the difference between a wedding planner and a venue coordinator. But you know where newly engaged couples are going to search for these topics?  You guessed it! Pinterest.

The above are examples of evergreen topics that can be used on Pinterest for wedding professionals. These topics are as relevant when they were published as they are to the users searching them today. That means they are Evergreen. 

The more evergreen your content the higher a chance your content will continue working for you long down the road. Content on Pinterest has the longest shelf life out of all social media platforms. Content on Pinterest has a lifespan of over 100 days longer than that of the average Instagram post. Just see for yourself below

The average lifespan of a social media post for Pinterest for wedding professionals
If you are unsure if Pinterest is right for you and your business I’d love to chat! Let’s connect and discuss Pinterest for your business further!


Pinterest Marketing Tips for Wedding Professionals

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