Why You Should Outsource as a Wedding & Event Professional

July 5, 2021

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Reasons to outsource as a wedding & event professional

As much as we think we can we can do it all as wedding & event professionals I hate to break it to you but we can’t. When on-site at our events we lean on the support of our vendor community to produce unforgettable events for our clients. So, why not lean on a community in your business? After all, we shouldn’t have to do it all.

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource as a Wedding & Event Professional

1. Details By Dallas is a one-stop shop for your digital marketing needs.

As a boutique digital marketing agency DxD is a one-stop shop for your digital marketing needs for wedding & event professionals. I can help you with your Pinterest management, blogging, content creation, marketing strategy and even social media management! ⁠Click here to find out more about our services!

2. Think of your digital marketer as an extension of your team

As a contractor/ digital marketing freelancer I am self-employed. That means I  don’t require the usual desk or health benefits that many 9-5ers or additional members on your team may require. With over six years of experience in planning high-end corporate events and weddings, you won’t have to train an intern to help manage your online presence! With DxD you’ll get a high level of professionalism, industry knowledge, strategy and insight along the way!

3. I can help you save more time for family, clients and wine! 

Take a moment to think about those pesky digital marketing tasks that are always on your to-do list, how much time is it taking you to do the tasks each week? Wouldn’t you prefer to have that time back getting new clients, or to spend with your family? With all that time saved, you could book at least one additional client or service and that would cover your cost of outsourcing. Imagine the feeling of getting your money back on your investment while sipping a tall glass of rosé.

If this sounds like a dream to you, head on over and book your free discovery call to see how we can work together!

4. Reduce burnout & help you serve your clients better

As a wedding planner and previous corporate event planner, I’ve experienced burnout and I don’t wish it on anyone. So… I’m doing all that I can to help you prevent it by taking your marketing tasks off your to-do list! We are in a service-based industry so it is no surprise that wedding & event professionals are people pleasers. We want to make our clients happy. But, you must fill your own cup first before filling everyone else’s. Because if you don’t you won’t have enough energy to provide a luxury experience to your couples. (That’s where I step in!)

5. Your team might not be able to handle more work

You are probably thinking, but I already have a team of associate planners or assistants, why would I outsource to someone else?

Sure you could just increase the hours of one of your associate planners, assistants or bring an additional team member full time to do some of your admin and marketing tasks. However, by doing so you are taking away from their capacity to do additional weddings or events and work with fewer couples. By increasing their admin workload you are allowing them less time to focus on clients &  less time to gain more business. Thus costing you more money in the long run. If you end up adding a full-time team member or increasing their workload you may have to train them to do specific marketing tasks which you would not have to train a professional, thus adding additional hours to your workload. Isn’t the goal to reduce your workload not increase it?

Next Steps for wedding & event professionals

Now think of the potential if you had a team of professionals to handle your Pinterest management, wedding blogging, content creation and social media marketing behind you? I like to think of us as your fairy godmothers, making your life easier one digital marketing task at a time. 

Be sure to sign up for the DxD newsletter to learn more about how we can work together and for more reasons why you should outsource as a wedding & event professional!

Why to Outsource for wedding & Event Professionals

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