Pinterest Best Practices For Wedding Pros

June 21, 2022

Pinterest Tips

Pinterest marketing for wedding pros

This week we are focusing on the top six Pinterest best practices for wedding professionals. Use these Pinterest tips to help you develop good Pinterest marketing habits and to help you kick any bad Pinterest marketing habits you may have.

Pinterest Marketing Best Practices

1. Pin consistently

Gone are the days when Pinterest wants you to pin hundreds of photos a week. Instead, focus on pinning several high-quality pins per day and develop a schedule that is not only realistic but attainable for you and your business.

2. Pin inspirational content

When it comes to Pinterest marketing for wedding professionals, this should be an easy one. Focus on pinning new content that inspires your target audience. Pinterest encourages users to publish new inspiring content and will prioritize new original content over anything else.

3. Use Keywords

Incorporating strategically researched keywords into your Pinterest marketing strategy will make your content more discoverable to users. Since Pinterest is a visual search engine, it requires keywords to help your content be discoverable in the search results.

4. Incorporate Idea Pins into your strategy

Pinterest created idea pins to tell users a story using multiple images, videos and text. Use idea pins to show your audience how to bring a vision or idea to life. For example, breaking down a wedding design into individual components. 

5. Use vertical video content

Like other platforms, the popularity of video content is growing rapidly. Users are encouraged to incorporate video content into their Pinterest marketing strategy through the use of video pins or video Idea pins. We recommend keeping your video content short and sweet. Aim for under one minute for the best results. 

6. Publish Fresh & Unique Content

Publishing fresh and unique pins is crucial to improving your performance on Pinterest. One way to do this is to share unique URLs with every piece of content. Oversharing the same URL with the same images will not help your performance.

Above all, focus on inspiring your audience. In the end, Pinterest is a visual search engine where users go for inspiration and to find something new. When used correctly, Pinterest can guide users to a world of endless possibilities. Be sure to use these top six Pinterest best practices when DIYing your own Pinterest Marketing.

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