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January 5, 2023

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As a wedding professional based out of Vancouver, Canada, I have noticed a gap in educational resources for those in the wedding industry across North America. Now don’t get me wrong there are a TON of INCREDIBLE educational retreated, summits, seminars etc. that you can attend in person. However, I have noticed a lack of virtual resources that are available to both Canadian wedding professionals and American wedding professionals. That is why I am bringing you The DxD Industry Expert Interview Series.

The goal of this series is to interview experts on specific topics and areas that will help benefit those in the wedding industry. We will be touching on everything from wedding business branding to wedding business coaching, wedding SEO and more!

Follow along as we highlight some of the best and brightest experts who are there to help you as a wedding professional!

Bing All Out The Interviews

An Interview With Wedding SEO Specialist- Sara Dunn
An Interview With Vogue’s Top Wedding Planner- Alicia Keats
An Interview With Website & Brand Designer- Danielle Connor
An Interview With Wedding Planner Business Coach- Brandee Gaar
An Interview With Business Lawyer- Jaime Bell
An Interview with Wedding Systems Strategist- Julie Painter 
An Interview with Email Marketing Specialist – Shannon Vonderach
An Interview with Wedding PR Specialist- Meghan Ely
An Interview With Wedding Sales Expert- Sam Jacobson
An Interview With Wed Well Showcase Producer- Krista Olynyk
An Interview With Social Media Manager- Alisha Kumar
An Interview With A Business Coach For Wedding Professionals- Aislinn McKenna

Female wedding industry experts

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