Blog Post Ideas For Wedding Florists

June 15, 2024

Blogging Tips

If you are looking for help on what to talk about in your next blog post you will love this quick & to the point blog series filled with blog post ideas for wedding professionals!

This week we are sharing some ideas for what to talk about on your blog as a wedding florist and wedding floral designer. Whether you are a seasoned wedding professional or new to the industry you truly can’t go wrong with any of these blog post ideas for wedding florists!

Blog Post Ideas For Wedding Florists

  1. Real wedding highlight 
  2. Top flowers for a winter/spring/summer/fall wedding
  3. Who gets flowers on the wedding day
  4. How to repurpose your flowers throughout your wedding 
  5. Real vs fake wedding flowers
  6. How to pin a boutonniere
  7. Top wedding flowers for a {boho, elegant, classic} wedding
  8. How to incorporate your wedding flowers into your wedding design/ colour palette
  9. Wedding floral trends
  10. The benefits of using local and in season florals
  11. What do I need to know in advance if I want to preserve my flowers
  12. FAQ ( why are flowers so expensive, extending the life, vase rentals etc)

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