How To Blog Consistently For Your Wedding Business

June 5, 2024

Blogging Tips

As a wedding pro, we know how busy life can get! If you are not on-site operating events you are busy in office planning and prepping for them. That is why this month we want to address the struggle of maintaining a regular blogging schedule and share some of our favourite strategies for staying on track and blogging consistently. It’s not a secret formula or even rocket science, but our go-to strategy that we find works for us!

How To Get Started 

Step 1: Create a document on your computer, a note on your phone or somewhere for you to jot down ideas on the go. Think of this as a brainstorming or brain-dump document.

Step 2: Once a year sit down and plan your posting schedule. Look at your personal life, and business calendar and determine what a realistic posting schedule looks like for you. Don’t overcommit to too many posts too often. Be realistic, not optimistic. 

During this time, take a look at what days of the month work for you to consistently publish blogs. We recommend publishing on the same day every other week. For example, the first and third Wednesday of the month. 

Step 3: Schedule monthly CEO days for you to work on the behind-the-scenes of your business including content creation.

How To Blog Consistently With Help From A CEO Day

Each CEO day will look different depending on your priorities for that month but here are some tips on how to use a CEO day to help you blog consistently.

What to do in advance of your CEO day

Along with your ongoing list of brain dump ideas, we suggest writing a list of content ideas based on real weddings or events you want to highlight. Now is also a great time to think about any educational topics or FAQs you want to answer through your blog posts.

After you have a master list of content ideas, draft a detailed content schedule for 3-6 months at a time with some flex room if you feel inspired. Don’t try to draft your entire 12-month calendar in one sitting to avoid brain fatigue.

Now that you know what topics you want to write about it is time to expand on those topics. This can be done on an individual blog basis during your CEO days or in an ongoing brain dump. We prefer the ongoing technique to avoid writer’s block. Breaking down your topics into key points and making notes in advance will help you not only structure your blog but will reduce your writing time as you already know what you want to say. 

What to do on your CEO Day

Before you start writing your blog, do your SEO research in advance and finish expanding your notes on any ideas.

We also recommend deciding what your call to action will be for each blog and how you want to incorporate it within your copy.  For example, if it is a real wedding highlight you may want your audience to book a consult call and if it’s an educational blog maybe direct them to a free resource.

If you feel like you have enough content to begin writing your blog now is a great time to dive into the writing process! 

Alternatively, if you are feeling a little stuck you can begin by culling your images. This may spark your memory of the day or inspire you with details that you’d like to highlight in the blog post. 

Once your blog is written DO NOT FORGET TO PROOFREAD IT! Go through the copy and check your spelling, grammar and punctuation. Afterwards, add the images and format to your standard blog format. Now is also a great time to add in your vendor credits at the end of your copy.

Depending on how productive you are and when you schedule your CEO days you can write and schedule several blogs in advance through your blogging platform. Try to avoid publishing the blog on the same day it is written and follow your pre-determined content calendar as best as possible.

Making Blogging Manageable 

By breaking your blogging down into bite-size tasks and creating a content calendar that is unique to you you will be more likely to maintain a consistent blogging strategy. Use these steps and techniques above to help you blog consistently for your wedding business or feel free to reach out to DxD for help with your wedding blogging! Our team of wedding blog writers is here to help with our monthly blogging packages or a la carte blogging bundles!

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