A Glimpse At Pinterest Predicts 2022

December 8, 2021

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To head into your Pinterest marketing strategy without knowing about Pinterest trends or looking at Pinterest predicts is like going swimming without a bathing suit. You have full intention to use Pinterest but don’t have the essential tools to make it successful. But who has time anyways to scour the internet for what’s trending? That’s why I’m bringing you a summary of the 2022 Pinterest Predicts report and how it applies to your wedding and event business.

What is Pinterest Predicts?

Each year Pinterest releases a “not-yet-trending report”. In this report, the platform predicts items that will be popular for the year to come, think of it as a glimpse into the future of what people will be looking for. Pinterest nailed their 2021 predictions so well that 8 out of 10 of their trend predictions came true in 2021, so it’s safe to say that we have high hopes for 2022. 

A Glimpse Into the Report

After reviewing the newly released Pinterest Predicts report for 2022 I am happy to summarize some key findings for the wedding and events industry.

1) Be Jewelled

Bling is back baby! When it comes to accessorizing, boring and basic is out, and creative embellishments are in. For weddings this means bridal accessories will be showier than ever, makeup will be sparklier than ever (think crystal eye make up), even your food and beverages will have a touch of bling! That’s right we’re expecting some bejewelled wedding desserts and even some glittery custom cocktails.

2) Curve Appeal

Curves are coming in hot when it comes to spatial design. Even though this trend may apply primarily to home design, many event design trends are inspired by what users like in their homes. That means curved tables, curved lounges even curved bar designs will be hot at your events.

3) Oh My Goth

Believe it or not but goth will be making a re-appearance in 2022. This dark and moody trend will be influencing everything from gothic clothing to gothic decor even gothic hairstyles. Not all are interested in the full-on gothic experience so consider adding gothic elements such as a dark table setting or romantic and dark decor elements in your design.

4) Batter Up

Step aside cutesy wedding desserts, elaborate cakes and unusual cakes are ready to take the stage! Wedding cake artists and bakers will be challenged with the task of creating trendy and show-stopping cakes. That’s right abstract drip cakes are coming in hot, bubble cakes, gravity-defying cake ideas, and 3D cake ideas will all be popular. Now, this is a trend I think we can all agree on! It’s time to take your wedding cake and wedding dessert off the sideline and make it the centrepiece of your wedding reception once again. 

5) Biophilic Design

After many many months of being homebodies, users are searching for ways to bring plant-first designs into their homes. This home design trend will translate into your event design with elaborate staircase gardens, lush floral ceilings and vertical plant walls. Turn your event into an oasis with nature-inspired backgrounds and free-hanging plants. Focus on greenery based wedding designs rather than floral focused designs.

6) Altbashes

Looking for an excuse to party? (Aren’t we all?) In 2022 unique celebrations will be on the rise when users are searching for ways to celebrate just about anything. Think divorce party ideas, break up cakes and even empty nest photoshoots. The sky is the limit when it comes to celebrating life so give users the opportunity to feel inspired to celebrate!

7) Chequer Yourself!

This bold print is trending as users are looking for ways to incorporate chequered designs into their lives. It is the perfect trend for unique wedding cakes and subtle wedding design. Try incorporating a chequered tile floor as your dance floor, maybe a chequered suit, or even hiding the pattern in a wedding cake with a checkered dessert.

8) Cuppa Time

An oldie but a goodie, the vintage tea party is coming back. Try incorporating tea party aesthetic into your bridal shower with adorable high tea food ideas. For wedding and event caterers, offer finger sandwiches and tea tasting menus that pair perfectly with an elegant high-tea party invitation. In 2022 you want to help users create the perfect high tea moment.

9) Hellenistic Revival

This Mediterranean-inspired trend is taking inspiration from Ancient Greece.  This is perfect for all those destination wedding planners who are hoping to bring a destination wedding in Greece to life! Other ways to incorporate this Hellenic theme are with ancient greek jewellery for your bride or adding bits of ancient Greece aesthetic into your wedding design.  We’re talking corinthian columns and blue, gold and white colour palettes.

10) Pearlcore

One of our favourite trends that is on the rise is iridescent and pearl accents. Pearl-themed parties and weddings with pearl-themed wedding decorations will be irresistible! Bridal fashion will be incorporating pearl dresses, pearl rings, pearl bracelets and pearl necklaces will be making an appearance. While wedding stationers will be challenged with creating the perfect pearl-inspired wedding invitations. Other fun ways to incorporate pearl into your party is with pearl-inspired table settings, pearl dance floors, pearl bar decals and even pearl balloons. We can’t wait to see what event designers will make of this trend!

11) Celestial Celebrations

2022 will take us to parties that are literally out of this world. Users are inspired by everything celestial. From weddings under the stars to star-themed parties it is going to be a cosmic year. As an event designer, think of unique ways to incorporate the celestials, maybe with projections, custom cocktails and celestial-themed centrepieces. 

Now, this is only a brief glimpse into the 35 Pinterest Trends that Pinterest Predicts will be popular in 2022. For a look at the full list be sure to check out the report here and see how you can apply these not-yet-trends to your wedding and event business.

If you are looking for some help showcasing your incredible work to Pinterest users (aka your ideal target audience because we all know people go to Pinterest to plan events) be sure to reach out, I’d love to help with your Pinterest management!  

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