How To Market Your Wedding Business To A New Market

April 18, 2023

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For many wedding professionals, there comes a time when you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your current market or you have reached the top of your local wedding community. Once this has occurred, you may (or may not) be ready for a change. But how do you market your wedding business to a new market in hopes of growth? Let’s break this down further.

Define Your New Ideal Client

First thing first, you need to know who your new ideal client is in this new market. You can define this by outlining their pain points, brand preferences, hobbies, the language used, purchasing preferences and more! Once you have a clear understanding of who your new ideal client is, you can then set up the below systems to help attract them.

It is important to look at your new ideal clients with a fresh perspective rather than in comparison to your current clients. For example, a bride in the mid-range in the Midwest has different pain points and purchasing preferences than a high-end Southern bride. One may be paying for their wedding and is the sole decision maker, while the other may receive financial assistance from parents who have a say in the planning.

Three Ways To Market Your Wedding Business To A New Market


Ensure your website showcases the work you want to do and speaks to your ideal client in this new market.

It is hard to attract high-end and luxury clientele when your website speaks to those in the mid-range audience. Therefore, ensure your website copy and images speak to the type of clients and audience you wish to attract. 

If you do not have any images that reflect this new market, now is a great time to plan a styled shoot to help reflect this change in your work. If you want to reach a higher budget clientele, choose vendors, venues and a design that resonate with these clients. If you want to expand to new destinations, be sure to plan this shoot at destination wedding venues on your bucket list.

Social Media

Depending on the new market that you are trying to reach, social media can make or break your opportunity to branch out. Therefore, ensuring that your social media profile reflects the kind of work you want to do and the new audience you wish to attract is essential.

In your profile, include keywords that reflect your new audience. For example, if you are no longer destination specific, change your profile from Colorado Wedding Planner to Destination Wedding Planner. In your captions, include hashtags that relate to your post and target your new audience. For help with hashtags, be sure to get a FREE copy of our Hashtag Guide For Wedding Professionals here!

The same goes with your social media as it does with your website regarding imagery. Ensure that the images you post on your social media accounts reflect the type of work you want to do moving forward. For example, suppose it is more destination weddings, and you do not have images from specific venues. Why not contact the venue or a local photographer for some generic imagery? As a bonus, this is also a great networking opportunity!

It’s time to start attracting your dream clients on social media!

social media hashtags for wedding professionals

It is time to start attracting your ideal clients with help from our Hashtag Guide For Wedding Professionals!

With over 100+ hashtags to choose from, you will increase the reach of your social media posts and start booking those dream clients!


When branching out to a new market or target audience, showcasing yourself as an expert is essential. The best way to do this is to educate your audience. Consider publishing blog topics that educate your new ideal clients and help solve their pain points.

For example, if you want to specialize in tented private estate weddings or destination beach weddings, educate your audience on these topics. Share with them the top things to know when planning a destination beach wedding or how to budget for a tented wedding. REMEMBER, as a wedding professional, you want to educate your clients rather than teach other wedding professionals how to do what you do.

Use these educational blogs as a foundation for the rest of your marketing and repurpose this content across your social media channels to help reach a greater audience.

Transitioning your wedding business into a new market comes with a ton of excitement, fear and a lot of hard work. But, as a wedding professional, it’s no doubt that you can handle the hard work, and it is okay to ask for a little help along the way. 

So, if you are wondering how to market your wedding business to a new market and are looking for help in shifting your marketing strategy, we’d love to work with you! We specialize in helping seasoned wedding professionals develop ever-green marketing strategies to help them achieve their goals! Be sure to fill out our intake form to learn more about how we can help you! 

How to market your wedding business in a new market

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