Easy Marketing Trends For Wedding Businesses in Q3 & Q4

October 16, 2023

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Now, I’m not one to often speak about marketing trends or trending marketing techniques, as I truly believe in the power of evergreen marketing. However, there’s something to say about two trends that are blowing up the social media and marketing world lately. That is none other than Taylor Swift and her era’s tour and, of course, the Barbie movie.

How To Hop On The Taylor Swift & Barbie Marketing Trend 

So, you love Taylor Swift or Barbie and want to hop on this marketing trend?

Let’s chat about some ideas that you can do as a wedding vendor that are relevant to these online trends and still apply to you and your services.

Marketing Trends For Florists

Now I wish I could say I came up with this idea all by myself, but I want to give credit to a Kansas City florist called Daylight Flora, that I stumbled upon online.

Let’s look at what they did well.

They took one concept of the Taylor Swift Eras tour and turned it into 10 trendy and relevant pieces of social media content for their wedding floral company. They filmed individual Instagram Reels, creating arrangements inspired by each of Taylor Swift’s albums. Then they used that content and combined it into one Instagram Reel highlighting all of the albums and capturing “Taylor Swift Eras as Bridal Bouquets”. This one compilation reel has brought in over 285,000 views and almost 14,000 likes.

Marketing Trends For Wedding Designers & Rental Companies 

What is one thing you think about when you think about Barbie?  For those of you who have seen the Barbie movie, you probably think of the bright and colourful structures of Barbie Land. Use this colourful and animated land to create a dream board or set up a Wedding tablescape inspired by Barbie Land. Be sure to use furniture and items from your inventory list and make it re-creatable for your audience. 

Marketing Trends For Wedding Dress Shops

If you are a wedding dress shop or boutique, you can easily use both of these trends as a great opportunity to attract your ideal clients. Have a stylist try on dresses that are inspired by each of Taylor Swift’s eras and ask your audience which era are you? For Barbie, she is very fashion-forward and is known for her incredible closet, choose dresses that are inspired by the different types of Barbie, such as Solo in the Spotlight Barbie, Enchanted Evening Barbie and even Hippie Barbie.

Seasonal Marketing Trends For Wedding Businesses

Pop culture trends come and go. But one thing you can always count on and plan for in advance is seasonal content that is trendy during a specific season.

Let’s take Halloween, for example. The famous movie Hocus Pocus and the Sanderson sisters is a great example of a trend you can count on each Halloween. For wedding florists, create a bridal bouquet that is based on each sister/ witch, wedding rental companies can create a tablescape that is based on each witch and wedding cake bakers could showcase desserts that are inspired by each witch.

November and December are a great time to showcase winter and Christmas-related content. Wedding designers and rental companies could create mood boards or tablescapes that are for different style events, such as a winter wonderland wedding or a rocking New Year’s Eve party. Wedding Caterers can showcase seasonal menu items that are sure to be a hit, while wedding florists can educate on what types of flowers are common this time of year. Even though this content is not pop culture-related and is less trendy, it is still seasonal and something you would only want to include occasionally in your marketing strategy.

How To Keep These Marketing Trends Relevant To Your Business

Before you choose to hop on any type of marketing trend for your wedding business, it is important to consider a few things. 

Only hop on a marketing trend if it matches your company values as well as is relatable to your ideal clients. If your ideal clients do not relate to Barbie or Taylor, Swift, I don’t recommend hopping on these trends as they are not for everyone.

If you are swamped with your workload and do not have time to hop on a trend, then it is not worth the ROI of putting current work off. A trendy post does not always equal more sales. It is often used as an engagement tool to help increase your visibility. 

Remember, just because your competitors are doing something doesn’t mean you should too. It is okay to hop on the occasional marketing trend or none at all. Trust me, you are not missing out. There is a time and place to follow marketing trends, but when in doubt, focus your efforts on a strong long-term evergreen marketing strategy that will benefit you for years to come. Be sure to follow along on Details by Dallas on Instagram for more business and marketing tips for wedding professionals. 

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