The Difference Between Real Wedding Blog & Wedding Portfolios

June 28, 2023

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Wedding blogs and wedding portfolios are two popular ways that wedding professionals showcase weddings online. Both can be useful for giving potential clients an idea of the wedding services a wedding vendor offers.

While they may seem similar, they serve different purposes and are created differently. Today we will explore the differences between a real wedding blog and a wedding portfolio on your website.

What is the difference between a real wedding blog and a portfolio?

Real Wedding Blog

Real wedding blogs provide an outlet for wedding vendors to showcase their work and tell the wedding day’s story through a captivating narrative. The content is usually written from the perspective of the wedding planner, wedding photographer, or vendor who worked on the wedding. The blog post may also include details on other vendors involved, such as the venue, florist or caterer.

Real wedding blogs will offer your audience a glimpse into the emotions, design details and challenges encountered during the planning process and wedding day. This style of blog is published regularly with new content and often aids as an inspiration tool for engaged couples using real-life examples.

An excellent real wedding blog is often 300-500 words long, is easy to read, broken down into headings and should include strategically researched keywords that will provide SEO benefits. 

Wedding Portfolio

A wedding portfolio is a collection of high-quality imagery that highlights a wedding vendor’s best work. It is usually a curated selection of the vendor’s favourite photos and videos from various weddings. Its primary function is to provide visuals highlighting your skill set, style and aesthetic as a wedding vendor. 

Portfolios are often static collections of work that are updated less frequently and can be used as a marketing tool to attract new clients. Potential clients can view the Portfolio to get an idea of your past work and decide if it aligns with their vision for their wedding day.

By perusing wedding portfolios, couples get a first-hand glimpse into the creative minds of the vendor team involved. Portfolios often aid as a tool to help couples decide if a vendor’s work aligns with their vision for their wedding day and can help them make informed decisions when selecting their vendor team.

Typically, no text or copy is associated with your Portfolio, so it is much harder to seek SEO benefits from this section of your website. To get the most out of your Portfolio page, be sure to rename your images with short descriptive filenames such as “bride-groom-wedding-portrait-myrtle-beach.jpg”.

Wedding Blog vs. Portfolio

There are distinct advantages and unique assets to using real wedding blogs and a portfolio to showcase your work as a wedding professional. While real wedding blogs engage readers through personal stories and experiences, wedding portfolios captivate your audience with visually stunning imagery of your skills and services.

We encourage all wedding professionals to take advantage of the benefits of a wedding portfolio and real wedding blogs on their websites. If you need help showcasing your past work through real wedding blogs, we’d love to help! We offer blogging bundles that help you build a collection of blogs that you can publish whenever you’d like! Be sure to ask us about our blog bundles during your consultation call- book your call today!

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