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December 14, 2023

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Can you imagine what life would be like if you had a crystal ball to tell you what would happen in the future? Pinterest Predicts is just that!

This report will help shape some of the 2024 wedding trends we expect to see in the coming year. It highlights everything from decor to beauty and even fashion trends. Below, I will share with you some of the top predictions, how they will shape the wedding trends for 2024, and some keywords to keep in mind.

What is the Pinterest Predicts 2024 Trend Forecast?

Each year, Pinterest releases a “not-yet-trending report”. In this report, the platform predicts items that will be popular for the coming year; think of it as a glimpse into the future of what people will be looking for. 80% of Pinterest’s predictions have come true in the past four years. Each year, trends are determined based on data using billions of searches on Pinterest. These soon-to-be trends are so accurate that not only are they soon-to-be trends on Pinterest, but they are predicted to blow up across the internet. Can you say SEO goldmine!?

A Glimpse Inside the 2024 Pinterest Trends

Groovy Nuptials

This distinctive style is officially 50+ years old and is ready to re-ignite the wedding world as 70’s inspired weddings are making a comeback. You will see everything from disco decor to retro-themed bachelorettes in 2024. 

Trending Keywords: Groovy wedding, 70s bride, retro wedding theme, groovy bachelorette party outfit, retro bachelorette party decor

Bow Stacking

A trend that we can’t wait to see hit the bridal fashion world in full flurry in 2024 is bows! From outfits to shoes, hair and jewellery, bows are making a comeback. You will see them as delicate details and bold statements.

Trending Keywords: Bow outfit, bow necklace, bow aesthetic, heels with bows, bridal bows, bow earrings and bow barrette

Western Gothic

Now, this is a trend we are more hesitant about, but we are excited to see it done well; western meets goth. This decor trend mixes vintage western style with deep and moody hues. We expect this trend to appear in wedding after-party decor, lounge furniture, and the bachelorette space.

Trending Keywords: Vintage Americana, western gothic, fringe furniture, fringe cowboy, disco ball cowboy, moody wedding

Cafe Core

2024 brings the rise of coffee trends over cocktail trends. Coffee carts are in, and bar carts are out with this caffeinated trend. We expect to see this trend on the rise at bridal showers, wedding receptions and day-after brunches.

Trending Keywords: Coffee bar styling, chalk sign ideas, coffee station decor, coffee station ideas

Hot Metals

Gold is out, and chrome is officially in. Thanks to this trend, we will see a rise in silver tones and metallics in everything from fashion to decor. We expect this trend to be big in bridal fashion space, wedding reception decor, or after-party decor.

Trending Keywords: Nail art metallic, aluminum furniture, chrome decor, silver heels, metallic nails

Tropic Like It’s Hot

Bring on the tropical heat with this 2024 trend. From decor trends to fashion trends, we will see a rise in tropical aesthetics.  This trend will be blowing up the wedding space with wedding reception decor and is a great idea for wedding welcome parties. 

Trending Keywords: Tropical chic decor, coconut aesthetic, tropical fruit wedding tablescape, tropical patterns, floral prints, tropical colours 

Blue Beauty

Aquamarine was a staple colour in the 1960s and is making a splash in Gen Z & Millennial’s modern beauty routines. This bold look will lead to colourful makeup looks and fun nail aesthetics. We expect to see this trend in bridal beauty and, especially, at bachelorette parties. 

Trending Keywords: Blue glam makeup, Fun blue nails, light blue makeup, aqua makeup look, blue quince makeup

Make It Big

Bigger is better with this beauty and baubles trend. You will see that oversized, bigger and puffier is on the rise when it comes to hair aesthetics and accessories. This will be a fun beauty trend to see as it makes a bold impact on 2024 bridal hair and bridal jewelry.

Trending Keywords: Chunky hoops, big braids hairstyles, sculptural jewellery, big bun, fluffy hair aesthetic

How To Use These Trends

When it comes to Pinterest marketing, the main goal is always to inspire your audience. Thanks to the Pinterest predicts 2024 trend forecast we can not only inspire our audience but also reach a specific targeted audience. 

Whether you focus on evergreen or paid ads on Pinterest, be sure to use the keywords above when relevant to your images. By doing so, you are guaranteed to see a higher click-through rate and attract your ideal audience.

Overall, everything old is new again. From 60s makeup to 70s decor, you truly can’t go wrong with these 2024 Pinterest trends. Check out the full 2024 Pinterest Predicts report here for more inspiration and to see all the predicted 2024 Pinterest trends. If you are looking for some help showcasing your weddings and events to your Pinterest audience and future brides, be sure to reach out. I’d love to help with your Pinterest management

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